Santa’s Bag

My hope with this site is to create a single location where one can go to find helpful information on making any piece of gear. As I post more guides and find more elsewhere, I will update this page. If anyone finds other guides that they think are helpful send me the link and I will make sure I update the page. If it ends up getting especially long, then I will be sure to find a better way to organize it.

Gear Made Here:

Other Helpful Guides:

  •– Jamie Shortt
    • Bivy
    • Cuben tarp
    • Sewn-through down quilt
  • Cuben Bonding
    • Colin Krusor at BPL has great information on this. I plan to use his technique soon and then I will be able to give more information. For now, this forum thread is very helpful.
  • GoFast Pack – Mark Henley
  • Backwoods Day Dreamer
  • Shoulder Straps – Chris Zimmer
  • ZenStoves
    • Templates and guides to make just about any alcohol stove.
  • Ion Stove– SGT Rock
    • A stove that looks promising for Beer Can Pots. I will be making it soon.
  • Cuben Rain Kilt – provided by Michael Levine
  • Black and White Pack – Dave Chenault
    • A well thought out pack that may help others on their way.
  • DIY Bug Shelter
    • Recycled The One strategically reincarnated into a bug tent.

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