Taking Out the Slack

I've been trying to find more ways to be outside enjoying the sunshine now that it is no long unbearably hot here, so the last couple of weekends I decided to get out and throw my slackline up between a couple of trees. I haven't slacklined in a long time, and it has been a … Continue reading Taking Out the Slack


Walking the Dog

Over Labor Day weekend I took Layla, my four year old dog, on what may be our last "solo" hike for a while. In this case I classify solo as a hike with just the two of us. I had hoped to make the trip a three day affair covering long distances, but went into … Continue reading Walking the Dog

The Bob

Adventure racing has caught my attention ever since I started going UL. The simple idea of an adventure race is best shown in events like the Alaska Wilderness Classic. You are told to reach the end, remain self supported, and not to get into trouble you can't fix yourself. It reminds me of the advice … Continue reading The Bob