Sharing patterns and getting new ideas on how to make gear is the major reason I started this blog. Making these patterns as bulletproof as possible is very important to me. But, just like in open source software, there may be problems.

I can in no way promise that the tutorials I write are 100% correct. Please use your best judgment when reading and following them. If you think there may be something wrong, please tell me. I am more than willing to admit I am mistaken and make corrections, and I am also willing to talk to anyone with questions.

The patterns I make are constantly changing, and getting better from having myself or others test them and give feedback. For this reason, I appreciate any new ideas or feedback that anyone may come up with. I’m also hoping that by creating new patterns that are cheap and easy to make, that the DIY bug will spread. With this in mind, I appreciate any mention of this blog when the patterns are used, so that the popularity of it can grow.

Enjoy the patterns.

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