Change In Plans

So this has been a huge radio silence. I basically dropped off the face of the blogosphere. But with good reason, which I will cover later.

First things first, looking back over the last several months, my goals to hike all of the Cohutta as well as do a trip once per month failed back in May. So I missed the last three months of hiking, which are probably considered the best of the year by most people. Why did both of these goals just collapse? Because I foolishly set backpacking goals that conflicted with my professional goals.

In what I feel is the best professional move I could make, I took a transfer with my company to a small start up we acquired in Silicone Valley, to a position much more aligned with my career goals as a software developer. That means however that for the first quarter of the year I was busy interviewing with other companies (wanted to keep my options open). Not too busy to hike, but definitely too busy to post about the trips. Then I moved across the country at the end of May. I’m now starting to feel settled into the new area and the new job and am looking forward to my first California hike.

I’ll be hitting the trail for a four day trip with a new hiking partner over Labor Day weekend. My hope is that this trip will help me get back on schedule for hiking regularly, as well as check off one backpacking goal of hiking in a new area.

Sometimes our plans do not really pan out the way you hoped at the beginning of the year. But I’m considering this a “successful failure” and looking forward to new experiences. Hopefully maybe even making some new gear.


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