Chalk Bucket

The best part of my knee injury and deciding to try something new for a while has been that my girlfriend has started to boulder with me. Somehow my brother and I have gotten her hooked on the sport. Since she has been enjoying it so much, and has started to use my chalk, I decided to make her a chalk bucket for her Christmas present this year as a not so subtle hint. I recognize that it is now February and I just finished the bucket, but we are pretty flexible about when we give each other presents and times have been busy for us.


The bucket is simple in design and based off of the Organic Chalk Bucket. I decided to spice things up a bit and incorporate two different colors into the bucket. I also included a very large velcro pocket (cause I’m not a huge fan of zippers) and a fleece lining that goes about halfway up the bag. I don’t have any pictures of the production steps, but I have included my pattern for the pieces. The shape of the bucket is created in the same manner I made my last pack. I made the lining in the same way and sewed it into the completed bucket. Outside of that most of the steps are pretty straight forward. For this bag, my main concern was strength, rather than weight, and so the main material is 1000D Cordura that I bought at Rockywoods, and the fleece is just some $5 stuff from Joann’s.

I think one of the things that I am happiest about with this project is the fact that my aim was to not just make this work well, but also look nice. I think the pattern and colors are a nice look, and I am very pleased with it. One thing Anna noticed after I showed it to her, is that the next time I do the alternating colors pattern, I should use an odd number of panels, so that the first and last “half” panels are a matching color. This was a pretty good idea, and definitely will use it in the future. You can see this panels on the leftmost side of the bag in the top picture, where the seam is created.



Please note that for the bag itself, I have included a 3/4″ seam allowance on the bottom and sides. On the pocket, there is a 1″ seam allowance for the side and the bottom (to attach it to the main bag), and the fleece lining has a 1/2″ seam allowance all around.


3 thoughts on “Chalk Bucket

  1. I just made a chalk bucket, following this pattern. I didn’t make it as tall, and I used a lighter fabric, but basically the same as yours.
    It worked out great, though I haven’t used it yet. It’s my first every sowing project and I’m very happy.
    Thanks so much for posting it.
    Brisbane, Australia

    1. The total fabric is a little hard for me since I made it with the diagonal pattern. I can tell you that I purchased one yard of each the grey and port colored fabrics and could easily make one or two more buckets. So ordering one yard of 58″ – 60″ fabric should give you plenty of fabric.

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