Not Much Time – So Just A Teaser

It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me.

I took a couple of vacations days the week after the 4th and I am taking another couple next week. I learned something though: when you have a real job and take vacation, it actually makes you have more work to do than normal because everyone just expects you to cram the same productivity in less days.

I’ve also finally gotten my new Salsa Fargo up and running, so I have been trying to spend more time outside riding, which means less inside sewing. But I haven’t neglected my sewing altogether. I found some time to work on a few different projects I have had in my head for a while now.

First, I put a new peak on my Duomid clone. This isn’t earth shattering or anything, but I like the new setup a lot and hope to eventually merge that into a pattern that I can post here.

The second is a daypack for my dad with some features that turned out pretty well. It is similar to a smaller volume Porter in that it has four long webbing daisy chains along the height of the pack, but it has a couple of permanently placed side pockets and an internal zippered pocket. I’ll get some pictures of it in use this weekend and share more details next week. I also used a new, simplified method for assembling the pack, which I think is similar to the steps used in the Zpacks Zero/Blast.  It is essentially just a giant stuff sack, but I will get to that more in the post about it.

You can see the webbing along the height of the pack here. You can also see the side pocket at the bottom. It is heavily angled (think less than 45 degree angle up from the bottom) to make it easier to get bottles in and out.

The last project I worked on (and I am the most excited about) is the first part of my bikepacking setup: a prototype feedbag. The fabric used was actually left over scraps from the daypack, so it isn’t as burly as things like the Revelate Designs feedbag, which was the inspiration for mine. But it is really just a cheap prototype. I am a bit worried about feedbags cramping up hand positions on the Woodchipper bars of the Fargo. I will have the one bag on some rides this weekend and see if it gets in the way at all. If it works out nicely I will make a second, and I will eventually upgrade and make new bags to include some mesh pockets and a brighter liner like on the Revelate bags.

My prototype feedbag. It actually takes up less space on the handlebars then it looks like. I think my hand position options are still all viable. The softbottle is 1L. It fit in the bag pretty easier with a few other things.

One thought on “Not Much Time – So Just A Teaser

  1. My son and I are really looking forward to your post on the bag. We have been looking for a very simple bag to make (our first myog bags!) and I like the look of this and think it would be a great place to start since it looks like it would be fairly simple to modify for our heights (he’s 9 and has recently discovered the sewing machine).

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