Sin50 Underquilt

Guide: Sin Underquilt

Making the move to a hammock is often seen as a heavy and expensive process. Many consider insulation the most expensive piece to obtain. The cheapest option of course is a piece of foam. In my experience though, squirming around on a foam pad is just uncomfortable and leads to cold shoulders because the pad slides out from under you. For this reason, I decided to make myself a synthetic underquilt.  This takes advantage of an easy build, cheap materials, and relatively light weights. The project costs just over $60. It also leaves plenty of spare insulation, which I plan to use in a post in the future.

The finished dimensions are 42″x52″. This gives plenty of coverage for me so far, but I haven’t had a chance to test it in cooler temperatures yet. From memory, it weighs around 16oz.

To use it, hook the continuous loop of shockcord around the gathered end of the hammock. On ENO hammocks I have found it easier to just hook it into the carabiners (if you are still using them). To keep out the drafts, pull the shockcord on the width to keep the ends snug up against the hammock when you lay in it.

The quilt I made was put together in a slightly different manner than the guide shows because I converted a top quilt I already had, and was just going for a quick prototype.  I’ve put steps in the design to create a more sturdy product, but have not tested these steps myself. At the moment, I can’t weigh mine or get more pictures because a friend is borrowing it to try it out on a week+ trip on the AT this month. Once I get it back, I will be sure to get a more pictures to post as well as a review.


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