Something to do with Scraps Part 1: Stake Bag

This will be the first edition of a series on how I am trying to get rid of some of the scraps I have in my apartment.  I have a few ideas currently, but will probably run out quickly. If anyone has thoughts, please comment. These will normally be simple projects that focus around certain scraps pieces, and hopefully will involve purchasing very little material otherwise.

And now, on to the project: making a stake bag.


For this you will need a piece of scrap pack cloth 16″x3″ and a piece of hook and loop 3/4″x2″.

This sized bag holds my 8 titanium 6″ hook stakes. If you use longer stakes, add to the 16″ length. If you use larger stakes, increase the 3″ width.


1. Sew a rolled hem on each end of the piece along the 3″ edge. Make sure you roll both the same direction.

2. Sew the hook on the opposite side of the rolled hem with 1/2″ of overlap. 

3. Sew the loop on to the other side. Facing the opposite way from the hook.

4. Fold it in half so that the rolled edges are together. The loop should be facing in. Sew along the two sides with 1/2″ seam allowance.

5. Finish the edges in whatever why you like most. I rolled my both inward and sewed down.

6. Flip the bag right-side-out. Your finished!


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