Bit of an Absence

I realize there has been a distinct lack of posts lately on this blog. It makes me a bit sad, but I have good reasons. 

I will be starting my first real job (I get one of those salary things, crazy) on this coming Monday. It has happened very quickly (accepted it at the end of March), so I have been trying to relocate back to Georgia, find a new apartment, pack up all my stuff, etc. One thing this means is that I packed up nearly all of my MYOG stuff for the time being, to make sure that I don’t leave any behind when I move. This, along with a fun bout of appendicitis during the beginning of May, has kept me from being very productive on gear lately.

I do have some things in the work though. I am about halfway done making a new 35L Kringle Pack, which has some slight changes from the last. As well, I have the materials I need to make a new cuben tarp, which I find very exciting.

Projects closer to being done are a post on my new hammock setup and a post about my newest skill: crocheting. I’m just putting the finishing touches on a merino wool beanie. I will be writing a post on how I went about making it.  Both of these posts should be completed within the week is my hope.

This new position also means I will not be heading out on my hoped for AT thru hike. This will just get pushed to a time in the future. In the meantime, I will actually have a source of income to help supply my MYOG dreams finally. This can only mean new gear. That’s an exciting thought, for sure.  

I’m excited to get back to working on projects to share with others in the next couple of weeks.


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