AT Thru Hike Gearlist

Update: For those looking for reviews on this list, I didn’t get to make my trip because of other opportunities arising. Most of the gear listed has been made and tested on this site (or is in the works), but not on a thru hike. I am leaving this list up as a guide for anyone looking for starting points for a gear list though. I hope it can still be helpful for others.

I’m one month out from my (near) thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I plan to hike from Clingman’s Dome on April 16 and arrive at the terminus 90 days later on July 14. I am giving myself 2 weeks worth of zero days, because I would like to be done before August 1. This will necessitate an average daily mileage of around 22 miles. With this in mind, it is very helpful to remain around an UL weight to make the mileage easier on my body.

Still trying to enjoy this opportunity, I do plan to carry a couple of luxury items, which increases my weight by about 2lbs.

One note of considerable pride for me is that of the 50 items on the list, 14 are made by me in some way. If you take out the essentials and luxury items, which are all items well beyond my capability of making or just not worth making, then I made 14 out of 32 items. This puts me at nearly 50% of the doable items made by me. This gave me plenty of fun, and at some point, I may even figure out how much money I saved.

I’ll be sure to update the list if I make any changes at all.

AT Gearlist 2012


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