Camera Case

I want to take my newest camera, a Panasonic Lumix GF2, with me on my upcoming AT thru hike. I’ve tried using the strap that comes with cameras in the past to simply keep the camera around my neck, but I found that it was more annoying than helpful. So I decided it was time for me to go about making a case that I could put on the hipbelt of my pack.

The goal is to keep my camera fairly protected, easily accessible, and remain comfortable while carrying it. I also wanted the project to be as simple as possible.

I put elastic strips on the back to connect it to the pack. The bounce of the elastic may end up being more than I like, and I will change it if need be then. I also placed two 1/2″ webbing loops at the top so that I can put some sort of strap through it to use on it’s own when I take my camera around town.

The outer fabric is VX07, with the 3D spacer mesh liner. It is water resistant, but definitely not waterproof. I haven’t gone about sealing any seams. I also haven’t finished the raw edges yet, but probably will at some point.

The final weight of the pocket is 2.3 oz, which beat the 3oz goal I set for myself.

Click the pictures below for a larger picture.


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