Kringle Pack Version 2.0

The Kringle Pack 2.0 is the newest of my backpacks.

UPDATE 6/10/12: I have made and used a new 35+L version of this pack with some new features. I will try to update the guide soon. Most importantly, I revisited Chris Zimmer’s method of strap construction and found great success with it this time. I made the shoulder straps and the hipbelt using this method or some small variation, and highly suggest it over binding with grosgrain.

This pack is meant to be a one and done pack. Much talk has been made about having too many different pieces of gear and trying to minimize what ultralight hikers purchase. I have plenty of gear, especially packs, and I can understand the sentiment to want a single pack to easily handle all possible trips, at least for 3-season use. This includes needing to be able to comfortably carry extra weight for long trips or water-heavy trips.


  • Large wrap around pocket
  • Lid with zipper pocket (in the works still)
  • Big, comfy shoulder straps
  • Removable, wrap around hipbelt
  • Removable frame sheet
  • 3 compression straps per side

These features allow for plenty of functionality while keeping the pack fairly simple.

This is the second step in my list of self made gear. Together, the Kringle Pack and the Sin50 make up for two out of the three Big 3 that can make going light so difficult. Using these two items will get you a Big 3 starting weight of about 45oz or 2.8lbs (1260g).

The guide is available in a bookmarked PDF to make it easier to navigate, since it is so long. Just click the link below to download the document.

Kringle Pack 2.0 Guide

Some notes on the guide: (Things I missed putting in)

Nearly all of the materials were purchased at DIY Gear Supply. The only things not purchased there stays and mat for the frame sheet. I’m sorry I didn’t include links to all of the items, but this seems easier.

Also, the guide is very long. Do not let that scare anyone. It is long because I tried to put in a lot of details and a lot of LARGE pictures.¬†Just because the guide is long doesn’t make it difficult. There are simply a lot of steps to take (not difficult ones). Hopefully the guide with lay the steps out for you in a concise enough manner.

Finally, this guide is a work in progress. This goes especially for the straps. I am happy with them, but they could always be better. Please refer to my disclaimer on problems. But, if you notice anything wrong or things I could change, please contact me, and I will be happy to work on that.


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