Things to Come

I have been really busy lately, and so I decided to write a brief post of what I am going to be (finally) posting over the next couple of days, as it all finishes up.

I’ve finished up my newest pack. I think I am going to call it the Penguin Pack because of the colors I used. I’ve put a post with a few pictures up at BPL.  There is also some preliminary information there.

I’ve also recently made a quilt that one of my friends ordered. It is a Sin50, but I changed some of the designs and steps taken. I think the changes make it a much better quilt. I will be editing the design on the blog this week, as well as finishing the guide for the pack.

I plan to also change the presentation of the guides to a PDF format to allow for a downloadable version. This has been brought on by the long length of the pack’s guide (like 25 pages for the whole thing, including large pictures).

Finally, for my next project, I will be making a hammock system: whoopies, hammock, nacrabiners, and tree straps. I know all of these have been done before on other sites, but I planned to make them for my own use. Since I will be making them anyways, I figured I should pass on the knowledge.


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